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After a two-year hiatus, Kenny Lattimore is back with his ninth studio album, Vulnerable.

The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter enlisted “Love Me Back” producer, Dra-kkar Wesley to oversee the 10-track project that serves up several soulful tracks that prove real love songs never go out of style.

“I was inspired by Dra-kkar’s fresh approach, and he brought a different sound and energy into the studio,” he says. “He’s younger than me and listens to everything and his respect for my catalogue brought a new perspective to my sound that I wanted to run with.”

Vulnerable finds Lattimore in his sweet spot; a cross between classic R&B and 80’s-inspired soul that instantly takes the listener back to a time when love songs ruled the airwaves and artists weren’t afraid to bare their feelings on the mic.

“I wrote on almost every song of this album,” he says. “This is the project that shows I’m open to being in a relationship again.”

The album’s lead single, “Push” is what ultimately coaxed him back into the studio after his 2015 release, Anatomy of a Love Song.

“When I heard “Push,” it just felt like I was breaking out of a box mentally. I said, ‘I love this! I understand this.’ Even if it’s not trendy, my audience is gonna get it,” he says. “The sound doesn’t conform. One of the things that I did think about was staying true to myself. We wanted to create something contemporary and timeless.”

A true singer’s joy whose impressive range is influenced by everything from jazz to funk to gospel. Lattimore’s classic crooning is never overwrought with excessive runs; but instead delivers just the right dose of authentic emotion he has come to be known for after more than two decades of making hits like “For You.”

The carefully curated collection of songs on Vulnerable embodies Lattimore’s unique ability to create music that is infinitely relatable and consistently captures what it means to be in love.

Die-hard fans will find familiar comfort is his genuine approach to heart-tugging lyrics while new listeners will likely be inspired by Lattimore’s undeniable knack for painting pictures with his voice.

The haunting track, “Deserve” does just that by showcasing a raw, sexy sound behind lyrics that reveal the inner workings of a man’s mind while songs like “Perfection” highlight the hopeful, rose-colored reality we find ourselves in amidst the throes of romance.

“Men aren’t as expressive as women, so the music helps,” he says. “Sometimes women need to hear a man actually say the words I’m saying.”

“Falling For You” is a metaphoric masterpiece that’s instantly invigorating and fun but manages to convey the desperation and angst that inevitably comes with the decision to let go of the fear and let love in.

“Because of the space that I’m in right now, I can authentically have these conversations,” he explains. “I’m living these songs now or have lived them before.”

It’s that authenticity that makes Vulnerable such a poignant and profound collection of work. While most of the album speaks straight to the hearts of women and the minds of men, Lattimore also touches on other kinds of love.

”More Than Life” is a song about his teenage son, and offers a unique perspective on what is likely the greatest love of all; that between a parent and child.

Vulnerable is quintessential Kenny Lattimore; smooth and soulful, sexy and honest; all the things we’ve come to expect from the singer who continues to make music to love by. Vulnerable on sale October 13, 2017.

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