Black America Web Featured Video

1. Kendal Lanier (@ChampagneNupe)

He’s an amazing Wedding and event photographer/ videographer! You’ve probably seen some of his work go viral on your social media!

2. One Of Kendal’s Viral Videos

3. Lance Gross

We know and love Lance Gross as an actor but he’s also a pretty good photographer. You can see some of his shots on his instagram.

4. @the_flresnt_man

He goes by Voodoo and his work is beautiful! A lot of his photos are very urban and edgy!

5. Eman (@_emanphotography)

Eman takes beautiful photos! From weddings, to graduations to maternity he can do it all!

6. Calvin Gavion (@Cjjrphoto)

Calvin’s photos are stunning! He does it all and he’s great at it all!

7. Derrick Bryson (@DerrickBryson)

He photographs different cultures as he travels the world as well as beautiful people right here in America.

8. Tracy Ann (@MiamiCultureMaven)

Her page is bright and happy! You can feel the joy through her photos

9. Brandon Hopkins (@Bhopkins91)

Graduations, glamour shots, family photos….he can do it all!

10. Tyler Mitchell (@Tylersphotos)

Tyler is fantastic! He shoots for vogue….he even shot Beyonce’s Vogue cover! His Instagram page is full of beautiful shots

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