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'GTA 6' Having A Female Protagonist Is Making Sexist Gamers Mad

Source: Rockstar Games / GTA 6

In more GTA 6 news, people are complaining about the highly-anticipated game having a female protagonist, while some are BIG MAD about the game’s content.

GTA 6 is not nearly hitting shelves yet, but there is plenty of discourse around the game’s first trailer. While most people, including LeBron James, were blown away by how damn good it looks, there is a sect of people claiming the franchise has gone “woke” because it will have a female protagonist for the first time.

The news of the game featuring a female protagonist isn’t new. Still, for whatever reason, after the trailer was viewed over an astounding 107 million times, sexist gamers are fuming at the idea of having to commit crimes with a woman.

“If the story is well written then kudos but to me this is just another dumb woke pointless thing because which woman cares about gta 6. Trying to appease the wrong crowd,” one X user ridiculously wrote.

Another X user added, “woman in gta 6??? more like wokestar studios…….”

Andrew & Tristan Tate Even Had Something To Say

Now, it wouldn’t be a GTA news cycle if there weren’t people also making a big stink about the mature content in the game. On a recent episode of their toxic podcast, Andrew and Tristan Tate spoke about the game allowing kids to shoot cops, which is honestly hilarious because these are the last two people who should be talking.

Keep in mind the Tate Brothers are currently under house arrest and are facing years in a Romanian prison for numerous allegations, including human trafficking.

Also hilarious is Andrew Tate admitting he has never played a Grand Theft Auto game, and his brother only played the classic top-down version from the 90s.

“Video games aren’t necessarily evil,” Tristan told his brother, adding, “I’m not a fan of anyone under the age of 18, 21 maybe, playing video games where the goal is to shoot police officers.” Tristan had the nerve to give the developers at Rockstar Games advice saying, “I feel like they could put a better objective into these games. Maybe you are a police officer, maybe you are trying to stop criminals.”

Honestly, we wouldn’t be shocked if the developers somehow made fun of these two bozos like they do the other real-life cultural moments.

GTA 6 arrives on PS5, Xbox Series S | X  consoles in 2025. There is currently no PC version in the works. You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Rockstar Games / GTA 6

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