1. Do you know whose face these dimples belong to?

2. Sheryl Lee Ralph is the correct answer.

3. Can you guess whose dimples these belong to.

4. LL Cool J is the right answer.

5. Whose handsome face do these dimples belong to?

6. If you guessed Usher, you’re right!

7. Do you know who this sweet smile with dimples belong to?

8. Miss Nicki Minaj . . .

9. Who does this sexy smile with dimples belong to?

10. Yep, Lamman Rucker!

11. Do you know who owns these sexy dimples?

12. Funny lady Kym Whitley!

13. Which sexy white man does this smile belong to?

14. You are right if you guessed Adam Levine!

15. Who does this smile with dimples belong to?

16. Michael B. Jordan is the right answer!

17. Can you guess the owner of these dimples?

18. Gabrielle Union is the correct answer!

19. Another fine white boy with some dimples . . . guess who!

20. Did you guess Eddie Cibrian?

21. Which bad boy do these dimples belong to?

22. If you guessed Chris Brown . . . you’d be correct!

23. Can you guess whose dimpled smile this belongs to?

24. Lauren London is the right answer!

25. This sweet smile with dimples belongs to a Latin Hottie!

26. Did you guess Mario Lopez?

27. Guess the face these dimples belong to!

28. Tyrese Gibson would be the right answer!

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