1. Police lead protesters to the Albany jail on July 11, 1962

The demonstrators were marching as part of a boycott of white-owned stores and in support of Martin Luther King Jr., who decided to go to jail rather than pay a fine.(AP)

2. Arctic Bear Drive-In in Albany, Georgia

A photo of the Arctic Bear Drive-In in Albany, Georgia, the site of White’s first overt protest action in the fall of 1959. Instead of eating in the car as she and other black patrons normally did, she insisted on eating at the benches. When the manager asked that they leave, White refused. (Vanishing Georgia, Georgia Division of Archives and History, Office of Secretary of State)

3. Freedom Alley

Black demonstrators herded into what became known as “Freedom Alley.” White was one of the protesters in the alley. (AP)

4. Church Rally in Albany

Martin Luther King Jr. delivers a sermon to a packed church rally at Albany, Georgia, on July 21, 1962. King had come to the town to support the Albany Movement, which was launched a few years earlier by Albany State University students like Annette Jones. (AP)

5. An old photo of White

An old photo of White, standing on the far right. (Photo courtesy of Annette Jones White)