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“Shuffle…Cupid Shuffle.” A few catchy lyrics, hundreds of thousands of dances, and millions of views later, Bryson “Cupid” Bernard shuffled his way into hearts worldwide. The 2007 release of his up-tempo party song, “Cupid Shuffle,” and the popular dance craze it inspired launched the global career of the Lafayette, Louisiana native. From appearances on nationally syndicated TV and radio talk shows such as Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner, to breaking the Guinness Book of World Records in 2008 for the largest line dance assembled with over 17,000 people, Cupid has virtually reshaped dance music and created an entirely new genre.

Of course, he wasn’t considering all of this when he composed “Cupid Shuffle.” His initial motivation was to follow his passion of singing and dancing, a passion which fueled passions inside millions whom his music has resonated with. From Delaware to Dubai, Georgia to Germany, Cupid’s music transcends racial and cultural boundaries – a wondrous accomplishment that can partly be attributed to the variety of blues, rock, soul, and gospel influences on his music, in turn attributed to his melting-pot environment.

This environment can be heard throughout Cupid’s music, from his early performances with Fifth Element, a five-man R&B ensemble at his alma mater, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, to his latest album, “Dance Party King.” In between, his 2001 single, “Do Ya Thang,” 2005 disc “The King of Down South R&B,” 2007 album “Time for a Change,” and single “Go Head Baby” (produced by beat maker Mr. Collipark, who has produced for Soulja Boy and Ying Yang Twins) enjoyed radio airplay, and helped him secure a deal with Atlantic Records.

After that, his story turns into viral history, with “Cupid Shuffle” peaking at #66 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #21 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song has been downloaded over 4 million times and is downloaded around 6,500 new times per week. Its instant success rocketed Cupid to performances in front of sold-out crowds and as a headliner for the likes of Stevie Wonder, Frankie Beverly and Mays, and Zapp. McDonald’s tapped him to be the face of McCafe’s national ad campaign, where he went on a tour to teach the “McCafe Shuffle.” In addition to ads, radios, and websites, Cupid’s music can be heard in feature films, including Jumping the Broom, Step it up 2, P.S. I Love You, and the Adventures of Nancy Drew, and videogames like Dance Central 3. From central Louisiana, Cupid has traveled to fame central.

And yet, he remains down-to-earth and connected to his roots. The son of a preacher, Cupid grew up singing, dancing, and DJ’ing. He cut his artistic teeth belting out hymns and playing the piano in church, even becoming the youth choir director at age 14. This support for community and charity is in his DNA and his actions. Cupid supports the Boot Campaign’s Military Recovery Fund with his song, “Do it with Your Boots on,” helping service members and their families secure urgent financial assistance. Through his foundation, Positopia, Cupid mentors youth in schools and churches, organizes an annual toy drive, and participates in breast cancer awareness campaigns. With his CuRobiks™ Fitness program and exercise DVDs, the certified trainer is helping people move and exercise, after he lost over 40 lbs doing aerobics and dance routines. True to his routine behavior and energy, Cupid continues to attract positive feelings and spread love around the world. His musical arrows pierce hearts, and the world has fallen in love.

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