October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

1. Richard Roundtree was diagnosed with a rare male breast cancer in ’93 and underwent a double mastectomy at age 61.

2. Wanda Sykes found out she had breast cancer when she went in for a breast reduction. She opted for a double mastectomy.

3. Angelina Jolie tested positive for the breast cancer gene BRCA1 in 2014. As a result she had a double mastectomy.

4. Robin Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007 and returned to work a month after surgery & chemo on August 3, 2007 (AP)

5. Diahann Carroll was diagnosed in 1998 & 10 years later she had a bestselling comedic book about her battle with breast cancer.

6. Sheryl Crow was diagnosed at age 44 in 2006 and says early detection of the disease is the reason she’s here. She opted for a lumpectomy which is a surgical removal of a portion of the breast. (AP)

7. Patti LaBelle was diagnosed in 2005 and is cancer-free today. She lost her two sisters to lung cancer. (Photo: AP)

8. Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at age 37 and is now cancer free after chemo. (Photo:AP)

9. Hoda Kotb was diagnosed in 2006 and underwent a mastectomy & reconstructive surgery. She is now cancer-free and an advocate for breast cancer awareness. (AP)

10. Fashion designer Betsy Johnson was diagnosed in 2002 is now cancer-free. (Photo: AP)

11. Almost 8 years ago, Vanessa Bell Calloway had a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery on her right breast on October 26. (PR)

Source:Gregg DeGuire WireImage/Getty Images

12. Giuliana Rancic was diagnosed at age 36 in October of 2011 and underwent a double mastectomy. She has been cancer free for the last 6 years. (Photo: AP)

13. Rene Syler chose to have a preventive mastectomy due to carrying the breast cancer gene. Both her mother and father had breast cancer and survived. She is cancer-free today and happy. (PR)

14. Poet and author Nikki Giovani battled and conqured both lung and breast cancer.

15. Retired WNBA player Edna Campbell is a breast cancer survivor and penned a Breast Cancer Recovery Manual. She was diagnosed in February of 2002. She has been cancer free for 15 years. (AP)

16. Singer, novelist, actress & model Marsha Hunt was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2004. She had a complete mastectomy and no reconstructive surgery. She is now cancer free. (Pinterest)

17. Actress and civil rights leader Ruby Dee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1970. She defeated the disease and died in 2014 of natural causes. (PR)

18. Oklahoma state Sen. Judy Eason McIntyre is a survivor and a tireless advocate for breast cancer research. She was diagnosed in August of 2006 and received a double mastectomy to reduce the chances of the disease coming back. (Flickr)

19. Motivational speaker Bershan Shaw at age 33 was diagnosed with breast cancer and got through it. Two years later the cancer came back as a stage 4 diagnose, but she worked really hard and beat it then too.