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Brittany Renner Also Known As Bundle of Brittany Hosts Goldroom

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Brittany Renner endures a boatload of criticism seemingly for just existing, and many assume that her dating methods are predatory at best. However, for all of that chatter, Renner was recently seen holding her own during an appearance on a popular podcast that’s been in the news of late.

The popular social media figure was a guest on the Fresh&Fit podcast and a clip that’s since gone viral shows Renner checking hosts Myron Gains and Walter Weekes after they tried dressing her down.

In a teaser clip to the upcoming episode shared by DJ Akademiks, Renner is seen sitting across from the podcast hosts and challenging them on referring to as a woman who isn’t special, explicitly asking them what does putting down women do for their egos. The clip mostly shows Renner not back down and the hosts are unusually jammed up. At one point, Renner asks how they would feel if she referred to them as B*tch Ass N*ggas,” but the short clip doesn’t really get into their response.

The Fresh&Fit podcast recently caught the ire of podcast kingpin Joe Budden, who blasted the hosts for their mistreatment of Black women along with accusations of colorism. A description of the show says that the podcast reads, “We help men become better with dating/game, fitness, social media, and finances.” The series has been the scene of some other tense moments over the past year, and it appears that many online aren’t huge fans of the hosts and largely siding with Renner.

On Twitter, the reaction to the short clip is going wide and we’ve got the reactions below.

The episode drops this coming Friday (Jan. 20).

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