1. Chris Rock Worked at Red Lobster.

2. Mariah Carey swept up hair at a salon (lasted one day)

3. Eva Mendes once sold hot dogs at Glendale Galleria Mall in California

4. Whoopi Goldberg worked as a bricklayer and a funeral home cosmetician.

5. Colin Powell, worked at a local Orthodox synagogue turning the lights on and off

6. Denzel Washington worked at a barbershop, brushing hair off customer’s collars.

7. Naomi Campbell’s first job was in a Bob Marley video when she was seven.

8. Ashanti worked at a daycare center.

9. Queen Latifah worked at Burger King when she was 15.

10. Sean Combs was an intern at Uptown Records. He washed cars and fetched coffee.

11. Macy Gray once worked at McDonald’s and later did a commercial for them.

12. Jennifer Lopez worked at a law office.

13. Jennifer Hudson also worked at Burger King and later as a singer on a Ship.

14. Kanye West worked at the Gap.

15. Dwayne Wade worked at a KFC in high school

16. Nick Cannon worked at Wienerschnitzel in the drive thru.

17. Russell Simmons said the only 9-to-5 job he’s ever held was at an Orange Julius

18. Leona Lewis was a receptionist before winning The X Factor .