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Happy Halloween season to those who celebrate!

This year we’re entering a spooky season unlike anything you may have seen before. In theory, this Halloween will be the most woke one yet — costumes are being protested, even banned in some cases, with respect and decency surprisingly being favored over shock value.

The stress of dressing up how you want while also doing your best not to offend would make some decide to just stay in — here’s some Netflix horror movie suggestions if you go that route. We went along and crafted up a quick set of costume guidelines for the many out there who already have a few parties lined up to attend. However, we’re flipping the script by letting you know what not to wear so that you’ll have an easier time coming up with something creative versus being crass or even worse…corny!

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It’s easy to see how many would find it upsetting to mock serial killers and the real-life murders they’ve committed, but you’ve also got some costumes that’ve honestly just been ran into the ground year after year. Let’s be honest: how many times have you seen the bunny ears look paired with lingerie or effortless street attire?! There’s also the handful that were once staples of the season that’ve now been discontinued due to the current cultural climate — au revoir, Pepé Le Pew! We definitely understand the need for a little help at the end of the day, so we’re here to help you steer clear of the costume no-no’s in order to avoid making an apology in the morning. You’re welcome in advance!

Take a look at 15 Halloween costumes we don’t suggest anyone dress up as this season. Whether offensive or just played-out, take our advice and do yourself some justice by not playing yourself:

1. Jeffrey Dahmer


Whether channeling the real Dahmer or Evan Peters’ chillingly-accurate portrayal of him in the current Netflix record-breaking series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, leave the real-life serial killer steez to a zero minimum. 

2. “COVID-19”

Close up portrait of a beautiful woman with black virus painting on her face like a face mask. The young woman with blue eyes is looking away. The concept of virus, isolation, loneliness, virus in the network, fear, infection, halloween makeup. Source:Getty

We don’t need any reminders of that two-year period we just got through! Also, it’s offensive to the people who actually died or lost someone to the virus.

3. A ‘Squid Game’ Guard Without Cutting Out Eyes To See!

Shopping Mall Staff Cosplay Squid Game Characters In Yantai Source:Getty

Be on-trend, but be smart too!

4. Any Race/Ethnicity That Isn’t Your Own

People at Carnival, La Palma Source:Getty

Never been a good choice. NEVER will be.

5. Osama Bin Laden Or Any Other Terrorist

Preparations For Halloween Continue As Weekend Festivities Approach Source:Getty

Even portraying a dead terrorist is uncomfortable to say the least. Let’s… not.

6. Intentionally Transphobic Attire

Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume

We’re living in a new generation where intolerance when it comes to gender and/or sexuality will simply not be permitted. Get with it!

7. Any And All “Ears-Only” Costumes

Photo of charming stunning lady wearing rabbit costume looking tempting isolated on dark maroon color background Source:Getty

Come on — do something else! *T-Pain voice*

8. Sexualized Version Of A Cartoon

Unicon 2021 Source:Getty

You don’t find it even a bit weird for adults to be sexualizing a children’s cartoon? Oh, ok….

9. Straightjackets or Anything Alluding To Mental Health

Insanity Source:Getty

Let’s be a little more sensitive when it comes to mental health struggles. 

10. Anything That Makes Light Of Abortion Laws


Keep in mind, even costumes themed around Hulu’s hit series The Handmaid’s Tale fall into this category.

11. Dead Celebrities In Zombie Form

March Zombie in Bogota Source:Getty

Shave your head and go as 2Pac. Swoop some hair over your eye and go as Aaliyah. However, do not pull up to the function as Biggie, Nipsey or any other of our fallen heroes with decaying flesh or wounds that signify how they died. Zero respect!

12. The Sexy “[Insert Regular Day Job Here]”

Avanti un altro! Source:Getty

Ladies, you look good but this is just too played out. 

13. Controversial Public Figures

Kanye, Trump, Putin, Alex Jones, Bill Cosby, R. Kel— well, you get it! No need to dress up as the disgraced. 

14. Anything In Relation to the Russo-Ukrainian War

Volunteers in the Ukrainian army receive combat training Source:Getty

Matters that are very serious to world history shouldn’t be made into a tongue-in-cheek costume for the sake of amusement. People are still losing their lives overseas.

15. The “I’m Dressed As Myself” Hive

I Don't Know Source:Getty

We’d rather you just admit you couldn’t afford a costume or stay home for that matter. Don’t be the buzzkill.