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Internet sensation and comedian B. Simone has built a lucrative empire for herself. The 31-year-old Texas-native’s grind started long before her days on the Wild N Out stage. From her start on YouTube making hilarious skits to hosting parties for legends like Will Smith, Simone used the visibility as the fuel to create various streams of income. Between her partnership with Footaction, her beauty collection, and opening up a co-working space, the enthusiastic money-maker is always onto the next big project.

Because B. Simone is serious about success, she detailed her journey to entrepreneurship in her book, “Baby Girl Manifest the Life You Want”. The author, who was accused of plagiarizing some of the content from the book, is really repurposing age-old practices that focus on positive thoughts, writing down affirmations, setting healthy goals for yourself, and paying close attention to your speech.

B. Simone has given us countless examples of what it means to take control of your career and steer the boat. She is constantly pouring into her brand and her tenacity and drive is to be admired. In honor of her 31st birthday, we’re counting down the 5 times she showed up how to boss up!


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1. B. Simone Foot Action Collaboration

B. Simone Foot Action Collaboration Source:Foot Action

B. Simone’s work with Footaction is kind of a big deal. She is the first woman to create an exclusive collection with the brand. The collection of activewear included leggings, hoodies, crop tops and joggers with her signature catchphrase “Baby girl,” written on them.

The collection, which launched in November of 2020, fuses fashion, comfort, and self-love. It’ll be exciting to see what else Simone has planned with the brand.


B. Simone joined the beauty market back in October of 2019. Within the first 2 months, the entrepreneur announced she had reached $100,000 in sales. The collection, which includes lipglosses, lip liners, just added mink eye lashes to the lineup. You can also shop for apparel and accessories on the website. 


B. Simone credits her success in life to the Law of Attraction. Through the power of her thoughts, she was able to manifest the business and lifestyle she wanted for herself. She took the tools and practices she learned along the way and put them into a book that details a general blueprint to success.

“Babygirl Manifest the Life You Want” is said to put you on a straight and narrow path to creating the life you’ve always wanted to live. 


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and hand sanitizers were running low, B. Simone saw lightbulbs and dollar signs. That money-making brain of hers decided to become a solution to the problem by creating her own hand sanitizer. 

Manitizer sold out in just 24 hours. 


Before becoming a Wild N Out girl, we knew B. Simone as the funny gal with the intrusive voice. Her appearance on the show, in conjunction with her dedication to growing her brand, is what birthed all of her fruitful opportunities. Although the show is currently on the shelf, Simone is using the time to pour into her many business opportunities.