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25 Dusters You Need In Your Fall Wardrobe was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

1. Duster Kimono Jacket

Duster Kimono Jacket

2. Grid Print Duster

Grid Print Duster

3. Pink Duster

Pink Duster

4. Trench Duster

Trench Duster

5. Olive Duster

Olive Duster

6. Striped Duster

Striped Duster

7. Textured Duster Coat

Textured Duster Coat

8. Maxi Duster Coat

Maxi Duster Coat

9. Powder Blue Duster

Powder Blue Duster

10. Soft Duster Coat

Soft Duster Coat

11. Silk Duster Coat

Silk Duster Coat

12. Duster Open Cardigan

Duster Open Cardigan

13. Longline Duster

Longline Duster

14. Duster Cardigan

Duster Cardigan

15. Printed Duster

Printed Duster

16. Duster Jacket in Maxi Length

Duster Jacket in Maxi Length

17. Printed Duster

Printed Duster

18. Oversize Duster

Oversize Duster

19. Striped Duster

Striped Duster

20. Kimono Duster

Kimono Duster

21. Striped Duster

Striped Duster

22. Duster Blazer

Duster Blazer

23. Knit Duster

Knit Duster

24. Navy Duster

Navy Duster
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