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2 thoughts on “2012 Family Reunion Celeb Sightings

  1. mytzylplyck bizzaro on said:

    I have a daughter that is a student/athete looking to earn a scholarship for college. As a parent – I did make sure that she was signed in to the NCAA Eligibility Center, and the NAIA. She has established immediate eligibility as an athelete, and is now testing to earn accademic scholarships. One thing I noticed was that none of the colleges that were interested in her were HBCU’s. Then I noticed that those schools were NOT included in the data bases that I submited my daughter’s information to. She is an African-American student who has throughout her entire academic/athletic career as the only African-American kid on each team/school. She is interested in the possibility in attending an HBCU if there are athletic/academic scholarships available. Tom. I am including the following info:
    Lauren A. Johnson
    Allen Park Cabrini High School (sr.)
    5’9″ 130lbs.
    9’6″ vert.
    GPA 2.75 – 3.25 (catholic school)

    2011 Stats Link
    2012 Stats Link
    VIDEO Link

    CLUB TEAM: MEVBA Michigan Elite Volleyball Academy
    Can you forward this information to the proper database for HBCU schools? Thank You for your help in this matter.

    Sgt. Elvis Johnson – Detroit Fire Department (father)

  2. Bobby was on point he was great on stage you can tell he lost weight the brother was looking like the old Bobby. Talked to him briefly while he was taking a break after the show shook his hand and he was easy to go up to real cool brother humble and not to hollywood like some other celebs. Bobby wish you well Brother and a speedy recovery for your wife I know whitney is proud…………PEACE

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