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1. Reality TV

At the very least, can there be no MORE reality TV shows greenlit? ‘Cause we’re about through with all of the ones on now. (Bravo)

2. Concert mass shootings

Concert mass shootings

Concerts became a deadly place to be in 2018 – and both mass shootings in 2017 happened at concerts by what most would consider ‘safe’ artists. But mass shootings need to end, wherever they may be. (AP)

3. Partisan politics

Would it be too much to expect that our elected officials did what they were elected to do…like lead together? (AP)

4. Mumble rap

We know that different generations will disagree on music. But does today’s hip-hop music have to be THIS bad? (PR Photos)

5. Sexual harassment

When you think the workplace is the place to live out your sick sexual fetishes, you’ve got a real problem and in 2017, you were called on it. About time! (AP)

6. Oversharing on social media

Note to celeb couples, side chicks, baby mommas, and everyone else: Please resolve your relationship issues OFFLINE. We got our own issues to deal with. (IG)

7. White people denying racism.

It’s 2018 and there is more than enough historical and current documented evidence that racism is real and continues to be impactful. So stop it. You know it exists. (AP)

8. Inaction on gun legislation.

You have literal blood on your hands when you refuse to do anything to change a culture that is more outraged by BS on social media than people dying when they don’t have to. (AP)

9. Putting your health last.

World Star Hip Hop founder Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat, who died in January, lost his life at 43 due to complications of morbid obesity. Let’s get real in 2018 and prioritize our health and defeat obesity-related diseases! (Promo)