1. Pro: Working with black people

2. Con: Working with black people

3. Pro: The office parties always have a “Soul Train” line with good dancing.

4. Con: You are bound to get in the middle of your friends at work’s argument.

5. Pro: The food is excellent at the potlucks.

6. Pro: The office party DJ always plays great music (The Wobble, TJ Shuffle, Electric Slide, etc.).

7. Con: You can never claim racial bias/discrimination.

8. Pro: You can openly celebrate black victories in politics, trials, etc.

9. Con: You might end up dating a co-worker and then you end having to deal with he/she at work.

10. Pro: You always have someone to recap the latest episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” with.

11. Pro: You don’t have to use your “other” voice all day.

12. Pro: Everybody “gets it”.