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It looks like Gary, Indiana emcee Freddie Gibbs is having an Upstate upset of his own after he was caught on camera getting jumped by a large group of men in the midst of a brawl at a local Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in Buffalo, New York.

Convicted murderer Gonzalo Lopez managed to escape by stabbing the prison bus driver transporting him and other inmates for a medical appointment. A manhunt in Texas is currently underway to locate his whereabouts.

A Michigan councilwoman received major heat during a recent committee meeting after other members described her actions as unprofessional and offensive for referring to a Black colleague as "ghetto" under her breath.

After being pardoned in 2017 for a robbery he didn't commit, wrongfully convicted Chicago resident Keith Cooper has now reached a whopping $7.5 million settlement in Elkhart, Indiana that highlights the bigger problem of misconduct within the city's police department. 

Chicago rapper Lil Durk is choosing to align his artistry with career mentorship by using his Neighborhood Heroes Foundation to give back in a huge way to teens on the South Side where he was raised. 

A Washington, D.C. woman was found stabbed to death in her Fifth District apartment following a fit of rage from her late newborn's father when he discovered she dumped their two-month-old's lifeless body in the trash after accidentally smothering him in her sleep last year.

61-year-old Michigan resident Kenneth Pilon is being hit with six hate crime charges for harassing the community of Saginaw with nooses and racists notes aimed against Black Lives Matter supporters at their peak in 2020.

The NAACP is focusing on welfare fraud in Mississippi specifically that caused over $94 million in misspending from 2017 to 2019, and they're calling on the Department of Justice to investigate and fully prosecute those at fault. 

Georgia-bred rapper Cash Out has unfortunately been accused of being a ringleader in making ATL a hotspot for prostitution after he was recently indicted on rape, sex trafficking and convincing young women to sell their bodies by using his celebrity status.

A 54-year-old Black woman in California was the latest victim to prove that excessive force is a huge problem for African Americans after she was gunned down by a Stockton police officer that fired 30 shots at her car for backing into his cruiser.

It appears that Questlove's Oscar-winning cinematic ode to the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival made such an impact that a team has come together to bring a reimagined version of the music fest back to Uptown New York next year!