As the TJMS comes to an end, so does Mellody Hobson’s Money Mondays column. Today’s column will be the last. Many thanks to Mellody for helping our listeners over the years make their very best financial decisions with her tips, pointers and advice. Here are 5 of her top tips that should help you live […]

Whether your retirement is two years or 22 years away, Mellody has some info for you. Here’s what she wants each age group from millennials to baby boomers to know. LET’S START WITH THOSE WHO ARE CLOSEST TO RETIREMENT: THE BOOMERS. HOW ARE THEY DOING WHEN IT COMES TO SAVING FOR THE GOLDEN YEARS? Research […]

Friday is the unofficial start to the holiday shopping calendar as Black Friday kicks off across the globe. Before Cyber Monday hits on December 2nd, we have to focus on November 29th this year and CNET has rounded up the best deals from all retailers in regards to gift ideas, televisions, laptops, gaming systems and […]

As I mentioned two weeks ago, the rest of our Money Monday segments together will be dedicated to retirement. And today, I want to run through the different types of retirement accounts out there. THAT SOUNDS GOOD. LET’S START WITH THOSE AVAILABLE THROUGH EMPLOYERS The retirement account most familiar to Americans is the 401(k). These […]

With unemployment at historic lows, and the stock market at all-time highs consumers are understandably in good cheer and ready to go out and spend some major bucks this holiday season. But for you, the thrill of the deal can quickly turn in to despair over the debt if you go overboard with your holiday […]

What do you have for us today on Money Monday, Mellody? Well Tom, it is November 11 and you – the hardest working man in radio – are about to hang up your mic! So before I go any further, I want to recognize your incredible career, your incredible team – Sybil, Skip, and everyone […]

WHAT IS CUFFING SEASON AND WHY IS IT HAZARDOUS TO YOUR WEALTH? So I hear everyone’s getting “boo’ed up” because it’s getting cold and the holidays are coming. This usually means everybody stays inside eating too much, so everything starts getting fatter except your bank account. 👀🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ it’s happened to me in the past. Tell […]

IT’S THE TIME TO TURN OUR ATTENTION TO OUR HEALTH CARE COVERAGE OPTIONS FOR NEXT YEAR, CORRECT? WHAT DO YOU HAVE FOR US TODAY?  As you know, the open enrollment period is the time of year when most people have a chance to change your health insurance coverage or sign up for new coverage for […]

With the unemployment rate at a 50-year low of 3.5% many Americans are happily back in the workforce. Yet, even when the economy and the markets seem to be doing well it’s still extremely important to ensure that you have multiple streams of income. THE JOB MARKET SEEMS TO BE DOING WELL RIGHT NOW SO WHY IS […]

Why are we in a student loan crisis? Student loans are normal. But normal is not setting college graduates up for success. Instead, it has put us in a student loan crisis. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average college student graduates with $35,000 in student loans, and it’s taking on average 20 years […]

TODAY WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AUTO LOANS. WHY? According to a recent report from the credit reporting agency Experian, the length of auto loans continues to get longer and longer. According to the data, the average loan length for new cars is now 69 months – 6 years and 9 months – and loans of […]

When a friend or acquaintance asks for a job referral, more often than not, we agree. For one, we want to help the next person get ahead — especially if they’re Black. In addition, many companies offer amazing monetary incentives for employee referrals. However, those of us who have lived a little bit know that […]