Have you ever been stalked? Or stalked someone? Kenny Lattimore has never stalked, but he did have a hardcore stalker. And y’all…this woman was efficient! She had been to his house, his church, and flew to whatever city he was in. The woman literally slid a note under his door that read “you’re my only […]

The D.L. Hughley Show crew has come up with a new game called ” four the hard way” where they ask guests four questions. Today they have come up with four “really hard questions” to ask George Wallace. They don’t hold anything back and nothing is off limits! Wallace finds this out as soon as […]

Loni Love is an open book when she’s with her girls hosting The Real, and it’s no different when she sits down with D.L.! She talks to the crew about her past in Detroit and mentions she can’t move back there and do the things she used to because she tries not to do “bad […]

D.L. Hughley points out that America is changing and evolving. We’re getting “browner, fatter, higher,” and “gayer.”  The very talented Anthony Anderson shares with the crew that he has seen several benefits to using both marijuana and CBD oil. He uses the CBD Oil to ease his “chronic elbow pain.” He’d like to see more […]

Comedian George Wallace works just about every day! He takes all kinds of gigs, corporate, private and even church. He says he does the church gigs and “people are cursing in church now.” Especially when they can’t open their wine for communion. He says he works so much because he loves it. He’s going to […]

Mike Epps is one of the funniest comedians ever according to DL and he’s gearing up for his weekend shows. Being a comedian is pretty cool because Epps gets to work on the weekends and “get pedicures  and facials” during the week. He just spent some time in England doing shows and it was a […]

H.E.R popped onto the music scene surrounded by a cloud of mystery. She kept her identity and face a mystery on on purpose because she “just wanted to make it about the music and nothing else.” We still haven’t gotten her government name but she says her stage name, H.E.R stands for Having Everything Relieved. She […]

Chante Moore is just a beautiful as she sounds. DL says that’s a great thing! She just finished her Christmas album which has six classic Christmas songs and five originals. She tells DL that her favorite original song is Santa Don’t Sleigh or Everyday Is Like Christmas. Christmas Back To You is the name of […]

City Councilwoman Tara Samples is running for Lt. Governor of Ohio and she predicts that it’ll be a close race. Samples tells DL that voter turnout has been “phenomenal” this election. Already there has been 50% more turn out this year than in 2014. They haven’t seen crowds like this since Obama, she says there […]

DL extends his deepest sympathies to the mother and family of Botham Jean. Jean was killed in his own apartment by an off duty police officer named Amber Guyger. Police have only been releasing info that could help get Amber Guyger off. But the issue is, we know that Jean had marijuana in his home […]

Sinbad is always working! He “live on the road” and does stand up, sitcoms, movies and radio, he stays busy because he loves “gigging!” Stand up might be his favorite simply because “it’s the only place they can’t sensor you!” Being on stage is so freeing and he says, “you live and die on the […]

DL talks to Roland Martin and points put that he’ been living his best life! Martin says that sometimes with the work that he does he has to remind himself that it’s okay to have fun. Martin says he is going to enjoy his life while he can, and if it ever comes down to […]