D.L. Hughley wants to make it very clear that “death does not make your life antiseptic.” In the aftermath of the death of Kobe Bryant many people around the world are shaken and grieving his loss as well as the loss of 8 other lives. But of course, there are some folks who D.L. says […]

For many of us our introduction to Karrueche was knowing her as Chris Brown’s girlfriend. She talks to the D.L. Hughley Show crew about how living her life so publicly affected her. At the time of her relationship with singer Chris Brown Karrueche was in her early 20s and says she was still trying to […]

NBC shared that Mitch McConnell is the decedent of slave owners. It was reported that they owned 14 slaves. This isn’t unusual, but the difference is that he’s the senate majority holder. It’s especially interesting because he said he doesn’t think the US should pay African Americans reparations for something that happened over 150 years […]

Actress AJ Johnson was good friends with the late John Singleton. She tells the D.L. Hughley Show crew that they met on the set of House party and worked together on  Babyboy. He told her that the part of the young mom would be “so perfect,” for her so she went for it. She and […]

The President of the US has been accused of rape and D.L. Hughley wants to know why the #MeToo movement is so silent. They haven’t come out  and said anything about these allegations, which is unlike them. When athletes, businessmen, actors, congressmen and anyone else has been accused of a sex crime the #MeToo movement […]

Roshon Fegan is a young actor who most recently played Bobby DeBarge in TV One’s The Bobby DeBarge Story. But, earlier on in his career he was a “Disney kid” and stared in a number of their movies and shows. It’s no secret that “Disney kids,” typically go on to struggle with addiction and depression. […]

Before New Edition Johnny Gill had a career. Before he became a member of the group he had hits like perfect combination and half crazy. But, when he moved to LA he met Mike Bivins at a whisper’s concert and he invited him to lunch and then to one of their shows. They kept going […]

A number of states have passed very harsh abortion law. Missouri is currently trying to shut down the one abortion clinic in the state. D.L. finds it bothersome that these types of decisions about women’s bodies and reproductive rights are being made by men. Men cannot carry children therefor they should have no say on […]

If you’ve ever watched WWE you’ve had to notice that there aren’t many Black women involved. Well 31-year-old Naomi is a professional WWE wrestler, and champion, looking to change that. She explained that she believes, “representation is important” and being a representation of Black women is a weight that she’s “proud to carry.” Being a […]

Omar Epps is a household name. He started out in the business as a young man and has now been in for over 20 years. In that time a lot of things have changed both in the world and in Hollywood. “there’s so much content being made” one would think that there would be more […]

Actor and comedian Jeremy Piven shared that over the course of his career he has felt the most supported by the Black community. He’s rather new to the stand-up comedy world and though there are a lot of people who don’t want to support or believe in a new act. But, he attributes the support […]

All across the country Black people are staring down the barrels of guns. Behind these guns are police officers and citizens with anger issues and racial biases. A recent video circulated on social media really grabbed D.L.’s attention and struck a nerve. In the video a young Black man is being confronted by an officer […]