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Black America Web celebrates Black Music Month by saluting influential icons in the music industry

The Modern (Self) Love Goddess Abiola Abrams pens The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love designed to be your passport to becoming the woman you were born to be. Abrams spins her magic as a Sacred Bombshell Breakthrough coach and lifestyle journalist focused on women’s Love- 
Body-Spirit empowerment. The Essence.com love columnist and advice maven is […]

When you look at the ads, read blogs or watch the news, it looks like Back to School is all about the kids. Backpacks, notebooks, mechanical pencils, school uniforms, paper towels and Kleenex are all basic needs for the new school year. No matter how much we gripe about purchasing the same things every year, […]

The nation has watched in horror and sadness as events unfolded after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was gunned down by police and left to die on the street in Ferguson, Missouri. Nikki Woods, also a St. Louis native talked to Attorney Gloria McCullom about the impact it’s had on her as a practicing attorney in […]

Dateline: Somewhere in Texas Mom Invents App that Disables Kids’ Phones If They Fail to Answer Phone Calls When I call my boys’ cell phones and they don’t answer, I’m 99% sure they didn’t hear the phone.  I’m positive too much time won’t pass before they’re calling to apologize for missing my calls. Even with […]

Life has a way of helping us keep things in perspective.  If we aren’t cynical and listen to its lessons, hopefully we can learn and grow. For months, a high school friend was preparing for me to come back to St. Louis, not far from my hometown, for a book signing party. You can imagine how […]

Have you ever wondered why some people strive to do great things, others settle for the best thing that comes along, and still others have no ambition at all? If you think of it logically, you’ll probably conclude that it mostly has to do with your upbringing.  If people close to you do big things […]

Celebrities are special. And in case you don’t believe it, they let you know by making certain demands called riders—criteria that must be met in order for them to perform. The crazier riders are seen as examples of how “out there” some stars really are. It’s rumored that Beyonce’s rider mandates alkaline water chilled to […]

I don’t think there’s a sexually active woman alive who couldn’t relate on some level to the crazy story about the woman who shot her man over poor performance in bed. Even though 58-year-old Sadie Bell took things way too far when she resorted to violence, her frustration was all too real. But let’s face […]

After surviving and overcoming years of emotional abuse and betrayal, Carlita Hodges is ready to break her silence about her marriage and subsequent divorce from Chicago Bulls guard Craig Hodges and her secret affair with singer R. Kelly. Watch: Nikki Woods talked to Carlita about being the original basketball wife and how she was able […]

True story – a dad in Virginia has claimed a patch of land between Egypt and Sudan so that his 7-year-old daughter could become a real princess. Jeremiah Heaton says a few months ago, little Emily asked him if she would ever be a real princess, and he told her she would. At the time. […]

When you’re conceiving a baby, you’re rarely thinking about paid maternity leave, childcare costs, how much time you’d get off when your kids get sick and all the big and little things that happen after you bring home a bundle of joy. Thank goodness, because the recently released list of the worst states for working […]