The nation has watched in horror and sadness as events unfolded after unarmed teenager Michael Brown was gunned down by police and left to die on the street in Ferguson, Missouri.

Nikki Woods, also a St. Louis native talked to Attorney Gloria McCullom about the impact it’s had on her as a practicing attorney in Ferguson, what should happen to Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown and how Ferguson as a city and we as a community can begin to heal.

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One thought on “Attorney and St. Louis Resident Gloria McCollum Talks About What’s Next for #Ferguson

  1. Ifthe story has happened in this way, that’s mean it is the right moment forcivilians, to ask ‘’what is going on by now in America’’? In 2014, is justbecause some guys in uniform belong to whatever instance would be allowed tostep on human dignity like this? According to the new details, the homicide by the officerWilson and of course the wrong behavior of his squad toward the populationapparently isn’t only a racial mishandling mime-drama it’s above all a HumanConcern to correct strictly nowadays. As a free speaking bystander, it seemsthis kind of uniformed guys deserve to be sent to fighting in Afghanistan orIraq, not in the US territories. Wake up America ———— Justice is not an expression ofencouragement; it’s more a mental dehydration becomes legally commencing theundeniable or imperative necessities in the approach of Mississippi or Fergusonexpanses. Eligible for any society especially that which is lacking such asMissouri, from yesteryear to the momentum…

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