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If you saw the study that found that couples that sleep naked are happier, you probably had the same reaction that I did. Well, duh!

But before I throw shade on Cotton USA’s remarkable “discovery,” as a mom I can tell you doing anything naked or even partially naked can make for some awkward moments with your kids.

One mom I know woke up surprised to find her 8-year-old son sleeping on her bedroom floor.

“How long have you been there?” she asked.

Too long,” he said.

Another mom wearing a sexy teddy in her bedroom while waiting for her husband to come home, got this unsolicited advice from their 10-year-old daughter: “Mom, you need a bra.”

I once walked out of my closet half-undressed and surprised my then 7-year-old-son.

His response? “Whoa, I didn’t see that coming!”

The one thing we can learn from each of those situations is that moms and dads need a lock on the bedroom door.

As for studies that tell us things we already know, here are a few more we can add to the list:

1.The Centre for Economics and Business Research reported that workers spend an average of four hours a week in meetings. reported 47 percent of workers say meetings are the No. 1 time waster in the office.

2. The Technical University of Denmark published a study that concluded wearing wet underwear in the cold is not a good idea.

3. University of Buffalo researchers discovered that the poorer you are, the more likely you are to have dental problems.

4. The University of Surrey, England found that almost all executions are painful.

5. Cornell University and the University of Illinois published a study that showed most incompetent workers aren’t competent at recognizing their incompetence. New discoveries are published daily and it doesn’t take a genius to know that there’s probably a study that supports any argument you may have.

But here’s an unofficial finding: all arguments end faster when you’re naked.

If you’ve come across a ridiculous study, or you think sleeping in sweatpants and a hoodie is sexy, leave your comments below.

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