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D.C. Young Fly recently graced the couch of BET’s For The Fellas series alongside Malcom Mays and Lenny Santiago to speak on his feelings regarding loss, faith, and fatherhood. It’s almost been one year since he lost Jacklyn Smith, better known as “Jacky Oh” on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. The MTV star, long-time girlfriend and mother of D.C. Young Fly’s three children went in for a gluteal augmentation and due to complications resulting from the procedure, sadly passed away at a local hospital in Miami on May 31, 2023. 

If you’ve been following Young Fly over the years, you know that he is a man of faith and doesn’t hide it. As he sat on the couch, the comedian we all know him to be showed us a different side — a more vulnerable side. “With this term called life, you gotta take accountability and you gotta have some form of acceptance,” Young Fly said. Diving into the discussion of obedience and having to be obedient for the generations to come, he spoke on the fact that those who came before him were obedient and because of that he is reaping the benefits of what they went through. “By them being obedient, I’m like, alright, this is just part of my journey. So, I understand that. I get it.” 

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While the journey hasn’t been an easy once, Young Fly shared gratitude for having a circle of prayer warriors who kept him in the church growing up, attributing to the praying man he is today. “It’s definitely hard. It’s definitely an ongoing forever battle, but when you stand on God’s path and you stand on course, you will be okay. You will be alright. [God] is going to grant you the energy,” he said. Speaking to channeling emotions and doing what he needs to do in order to save both his kids and his family, Young Fly is determined to keep pushing and keep praying: “I’m going to find a way to get back on my feet.”

Knowing that people are watching him in the spotlight, he spoke to the manner in which he moves, hoping that when he moves, there is a multitude moving with him. His story and the strength he carries with him has and will continue to help others who may be going through a similar loss in their life.

Check out the inspiring convo below.


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