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KBLX's Stone Soul Picnic - 2004

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With the continuing rise of Taylor Swift’s pop star power, many are reminded of a similar appeal the world once had for another two decades prior: Britney Spears.

However, where “T-Swizzy” has an audience that is admittedly dominated by adolescent white girls, Spears had a crossover appeal in her pop that made it very comfortable for her to ride a beat made by Pharrell Williams, drop an album produced almost entirely by Danja, collaborate frequently with Will.I.Am and even strut on stage as the apple of Michael Jackson’s eye at one point.



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It got us thinking of the many other crossover pop stars over time that broke color barriers and impacted Black music by simply having the voice and/or appeal good enough to be invited to the cookout. From mainstays like Teena Marie and Jon B., to those who maybe played a bit of hopscotch — Justin Timberlake and P!nk came to mind! — Amanda and Supreme had some fun with this segment to close out the week.

Watch below to see who made the cut in our greatest crossover artists debate on The Amanda Seales Show: