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Michael Jackson At The Superbowl

Source: Steve Granitz / Getty

Sunday’s big game is just days away, which also means the highly-anticipated Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show starring Usher (and hopefully some of his friends!) will also be gracing our screens very soon.

While we know Big Ursh already has the show on lock, we’re sure he’s also aware of the big shoes that he has to fill in order to make this one a timeless performance.

Mainly when it comes to Exhibit A…


….and Exhibit Bey:


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However, is there one official “best” Super Bowl Halftime Show performance? The question is subjective for sure, but The Amanda Seales Show decided to see what answers would come up. Both MJ and Bey (seen above) were givens, but there’s also Prince, Dr. Dre’s curated hip-hop masterpiece and Rihanna’s most-viewed-ever show from last year to name a few. Got a fave of your own?

See what The Amanda Seales Show had to say on the “best Super Bowl Halftime Show” debate below: