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Whether or not it’s under the guise of a joke, the played-out debate when it comes to “lightskin versus darkskin” is one that we seriously wish would come to an all-time end.

Sadly, the rhetoric was rehashed recently on the popular podcast The Pivot, where Denver Nuggets star player Michael Porter Jr. led the crew in a conversation that started out like it might have a point as Ryan Clark started the question but came crashing down soon after MPJ interjected with his “y’all be hating” comment.

The “y’all” in this situation being dark-skinned men.


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Again, the dialogue seemed to be purely comical and fit the usual playful nature that Channing Crowder brings to the podcast regularly. However, watching such powerful men in one room in deep discourse over something as simple as skin color made for an “off-color” remark if there ever was one.

See what Amanda and Supreme had to say below about the “lightskin vs darkskin” debate recently on The Pivot podcast, right here on The Amanda Seales Show: