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Cardi B and Patti Labelle Whipshots

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We’re not sure whose idea it was to put Cardi B and Patti Labelle together, but it was genius. Cardi B and Patti Labelle teamed up for Whipshot’s new campaign with Patti’s Good Life, to drop a heartwarming social campaign that adds a little extra spice to a Thanksgiving classic. Cardi brings Whipshots to dinner and leaves with the ultimate dessert when she tops off Pattie’s famous sweet potato pie with the sweet treat.

In a clip posted on social media, Patti escorts Cardi into her home while running down a list of all the delicious foods that await inside. Once inside, Cardi convinces Mama Patti to try some pumpkin-flavored Whipshots with her pie. The two indulge and instantly realize they might have created a new holiday favorite pairing.

“It’s like a hug,” Cardi says praising Pattie for her famous dessert. “It’s a hug in your mouth,” she continued.

The fun doesn’t stop there. According to the press release, “Over the course of 7 sitcom-style episodes, Cardi and Patti head to the kitchen to put their tastebuds to the test as they mix and match Whipshots flavors with Patti’s Good Life desserts to discover the most delicious pairings.”

Cardi and Patti really seemed to form a friendship because Patti stopped by Cardi’s comments section to praise the Bongos rapper for being a class act.

“I always knew you were a class act! I enjoyed you, Kulture and Hennessey so much and getting to talk to Offset and your mother in law! You and your family are beautiful! And I appreciate you for being so loving to my granddaughters and family! I can’t wait to see you again and of course you’re welcome for dinner anytime! Love you baby! 😘😘😘,” she wrote.

You can expect to see these heartwarming clips throughout the holiday season.


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