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Week 3 in the NFL 2023 season has already brought some surprises, as we saw last night during Thursday Night Footfall with the San Francisco 49ers’ 30 – 12 win over the New York Giants.

Of course, the I Hate The Homies crew already predicted that outcome in this week’s episode along with a few other NFL predictions — see if you can “Beat The Homies” below!

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Even though “GRIFF,” Rock-T and Supa Dave were all in unison on the 49ers beating the Giants, listen to the episode to see if you’re willing to bet against their picks in the games this Sunday, including Falcons vs Lions, Chargers vs Vikings, Saints vs Packers, Texans vs Jaguars, Broncos vs Dolphins, Titans vs Browns, Bills vs Commanders, Colts vs Ravens, Patriots vs Jets, Panthers vs Seahawks, Bears vs Chiefs, Cowboys vs Cardinals, Steelers vs Raiders, Eagles vs Buccaneers and Rams vs Bengals.

They’re in unison on many, but you might be surprised on where they split. Tune in below (48:20) to find out if you can “Beat The Homies”: