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Did We See A True Leader Emerge In Last Night’s GOP Presidential Debate? | What’s Your Point”

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MILWAUKEE, WI - AUGUST 23: Former vice president Mike Pence, F

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The first GOP debate for the 2024 Presidential campaign took place last night and at the same time, former President Donald Trump spoke with Tucker Carlson. What were Armstrong Williams’ thoughts on last night’s events? Williams tells Russ there was one who stole the personality show on the stage. “Vivek (Ramaswamy) clearly ran this show and was short on substance and when he said he was the only candidate on the stage who’s not bought and paid for, obviously all the candidates have a problem with him.” They were not even allow Chris Christie to speak.


Overall, Trump remained the clear front-runner and while we were not at the debate, his presence loomed large.

Every time any of them tried to criticize Trump, they were booed and then it is stunning that Trump got 75 million people within the hour interview with Tucker Carlson on at the same time.”

“We did not see a real leader emerge in that debate last night.”


Russ and Armstrong agree that Nikki Haley, former governor of South Carolina and United States ambassador to the United Nations was outstanding on the issue of abortion. Russ believes that former Vice President Mike Pence did well to remove his ”passive” image with some of his statements around his role on January 6th. While Trump, with his current issues, is still the current front-runner, Williams says that this election can turn on a dime.

Listen to more analysis from Armstrong Williams and Russ Parr on “What’s Your Point.”


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