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Tron - Posted On The Corner

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Life growing up as a celebrity’s kid comes with both the good and bad. While the complete loss of privacy and any chance at a normal childhood are thrown out the window from birth, the advantages of being born into a world of luxury that many will never see in this lifetime isn’t the worst trade-off.

For Tron Austin, son to Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of multiplatinum-selling R&B group TLC and veteran music producer Dallas Austin, the road to making music was practically a birthright. Still, his plan is to create a lane for himself that stands outside the shadow of his famous parents.

…good thing momma Chilli is his number one fan!


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Going simply by TRON now, the 26-year-old creative stopped by POTC for a chat with DJ Misses and Incognito that covers his famous upbringing, what it’s like currently making music on his own terms and all the other avenues that he’s occupying at the moment. He even let us in on his favorite TLC song — can you guess? Here’s a hint: his mom can barely be heard on it, but it’s one of their biggest hits!

Watch the full interview with TRON below here on Posted On The Corner: