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The Black Joy Will Burn Out The Pain

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The amanda seales show discussed the recent announcement that slave descendants in Minnesota and the Dakotas will receive $50 million in grants.

The show also talked about NBA coach Tyrone Lue, who revealed that he has been sending a monthly check to his mom and grandma for over 25 years. Lue said that he does this to show his appreciation for everything they have done for him, and to help them out financially.

The show also featured a segment about 14-year-old Preston Mutanga, who created the Lego sequence in the animated film “Across The Spider-Verse.” Mutanga said that he was inspired to create the sequence after watching the first “Spider-Verse” film, and that he worked on it for over a year.

Listen, laugh, and learn with the Amanda Seales Show

  • 2:09 Alabama Teens On A Mission To Provide Menstrual Products To People In Need
  • 3:47 PSA: Public Seales Announcement
  • 5:54 Check The Voicemail
  • 8:35 today Is:
    • National Flip Flop Day
    • National Fudge Day
    • International Day Of The African Child
    • World Sea Turtle Day
  • 11:15 Slave Descendants In Minnesota And Dakotas To Receive $50m In Grants
  • 14:00 The People Vs.
  • 18:27 Things I Learned This Week
  • 23:45 Check The Voice Mail
  • 26:18 On This Day: The Nationally Televised Game Show Musical Chairs Is Hosted By Adam Wade. He Becomes The First African American To Host A Game Show (Musical Chairs On CBS). 1975
  • 28:55 Tyronn Lue Says He’s Sent A Monthly Check To His Mom And Grandma For Over 25 Years — ‘They Ain’t Work Another Day Of Their Life’
  • 31:26 The Final Blackstination
  • 40:35 Check The Voice Mail
  • 44:13 Birthday Shout Outs:
    • 2 Pac’s Birthday
    • Singer Eddie Levert Turns 80
    • Rapper Mc Ren Of N.W.A Is 53.
  • 46:57 14 Year Old Preston Mutanga Created The Lego Sequence In, “Across The Spider-Verse.
  • 49:57 MC Check A Hoe On Fathers In Hip Hop
  • 55:06 Show Close Show Close Thank You For Joining Us On This Fun Friyay! We Covered A Lot Of Stories. Stay Connected With Us On Social Media @Sealessaidit
  • 57:46 Coming Up On The Show On Monday A Special Juneteenth Edition Of The Amanda Seales Show.





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