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Big Daddy Kane on the Backstory Podcast

Source: Urban One Podcast Network / Urban One

Golden era Hip Hop legend Big Daddy Kane gives the backstory of his career from his humble beginnings in Brooklyn as a DJ, meeting with Biz Markie, the recording of his first song, the pressure of the music business and how he put Jayz on.

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Legendary radio host Colby “Colb” Tyner takes us back to where it all started with the biggest names in the music business and the world in his new podcast, BackStory with Colby Colb. Each episode is a narrative journey and in-depth conversation with the men and women that shaped hip hop. Colby is an accomplished on-air talent best known for his compelling interviews with Jay-Z, Will Smith, Quincy Jones, President Obama, LL Cool J, and more. Subscribe on iTunes or wherever you stream podcasts.