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‘Don’t Come For Me’ | Willie Moore Jr.

Willie Moore Jr. & George Wallace

Source: Willie Moore Jr / Radio One Digital

Do me a favor. Be praying for your nephew. Take off your spiritual mask just for a minute and let’s just have a lil camp talk, like we just buy the fire. and let’s just have a lil camp talk, like we just by the fire.

Willie tells a hilarious story about a social media comment that a user made that didn’t go as well as the person planned.

Willie told the Flatout Family,

So I’m on social media and I post a picture of George Wallace and I because he’s a part of my new series that we’re coming out probably in the next 60 days. We’re still working on it, right? And somebody got under that picture. And of course, George Wallace is 6 feet tall plus. Of course, I’m 5’7 with good shoes on. And so he got under there and he’s gonna say ”ohh you almost a midget” and he put “ha ha ha joke joke joke”.

Now normally I would let that pass, you know, cause I’m a good Christian boy who grew up with 2X sharecroppers, one from Mississippi, the other one from Louisiana. But all today, the spirit of petty. Buster took over.  

Listen to the story in the video to get the rest of the story.