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Nikki Haley Campaigns In New Hampshire After Announcing Presidential Bid

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Nimrata Randhawa, better known as former South Carolina Governor and United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley announced that she will be running for President in 2024. What type of campaign will Haley run? How much will she depart of the politics of Donald Trump? How much of a chance does she have? Russ Parr and conservative show host Armstrong Williams discuss in this week’s “What’s Your Point” on the Russ Parr Show.












RUSS PARR: Alright, we’ll talk about Nimrata, ok? Basically, she is running for President. And I wonder, does she have a shot against Donald Trump?

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS: Listen, she will run a highly conventional campaign. There will be a number of other candidate candidates with a strong or stronger case to represent generational change. I think in a pretty brutal world there is no clear rational rationale. So people would say for her candidacy she was a two-term governor. Former ambassador to. You in but she and, and I think she. Should be taken seriously. I mean, she’s more than just a woman. She is someone that has done very well for South Carolina. She had a stellar record as ambassador to the UN. The fact is that she said to Donald Trump that she would never run against him as long as he’s running, and now that he’s running, she’s using his age as a fact as to why. He’s running and at 51 years old you can look at the 20. 24 race and think she can repeat. Some kind of upset, and I think our speech was heavy on the theme of a new generation, which has the advantage of working against both Trump, who will be 7-8 next year, and Biden, who would turn 82 after the election. And so I think most of what Nikki Haley is emphasizing is a throwback to the pre-Trump GOP, but she is not above Trump-style trolling. And I think one of the few specific. Policies in her speech were mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75 years old and so.

RUSS: People are gonna question, her mental capacity when you one minute “I love Donald Trump” and next minute, “yeah he’s the worst.” She has flip-flopped so much on him, so I’m wondering how many policy positions is she going to flip-flop on. I don’t know. I mean, she did some ageism stuff right there. Now, if you and I did that, somebody’s like, ageism, you know, that’s what she just did to Trump and Biden. So. But nobody is criticizing her for that.

ARMSTRONG: Well, I think you know, I ran out Carson’s campaign. I think Carson and Cain, Herman Cain, could be instructive for Ms. Haley because they were black candidates who decried what Republicans now call woke-ism and they received a rapturous response from the party’s primary voters, who are overwhelmingly white but as an inexperienced outsider to politics, neither could cope with the sustained scrutiny and attacks that came with their surge in the polls. I think that Nikki Haley will get a surge in the polls, but I don’t think it will sustain this scrutiny of the attacks that will come after her.


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