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Young Student Nurse Gets Trapped In Her Car 

Buffalo’s, Andell Taylor was sadly discovered deceased in her vehicle after being trapped in her car during a blizzard. The 22-year-old was leaving work on Christmas Eve attempting to get home during a terrible blizzard in Buffalo, NY. While trapped, she reached out to her sisters in North Carolina, leaving chilling messages that no one knew would, unfortunately, be her last. These messages included images of the snow-covered car Taylor was found in nearly 30 hours later from being trapped. Taylor alerted her sisters at around 3:00 pm saying “stuck in a f**king blizzard”. Her sisters didn’t know the severity of the situation, joking early on about it with Taylor. Three hours later, Taylor told her sisters the “snow was up to the tires”. Taylor said that she was on hold with emergency services and they had someone on the way to her.


Andell and Family Were Worried About Emergency Services Arriving

At about 6:30 pm Andell Taylor texted her sisters, “Son I’m still here been here since 3, the car I’m driving muffler damn near on the ground already then snow up to the tires…”. The family said that Taylor’s drive usually takes her about 8 minutes on a normal day. At around 8:30 pm her sisters checked on her again asking “you still out there Pookie?”, referring to Andell. She replied, “Yea but it look like ima sleep here idk how long this gas will last I’m livid bro my door damn near covered.” She later stated that the police were stuck and were struggling to get to her and if they weren’t there by 11 pm, she would sleep in her car. After her sisters told her to get some sleep that night, they later texted the family group chat in the morning asking about Taylors’ whereabouts. No one had heard from her and one of her sisters said she called her phone 3 times.


Andell Taylor was Found 

They found Taylor on December 24th at 9 pm. Due to the climate of the storm, her body wasn’t removed from the vehicle until Christmas Day at 7 pm. Her grieving mother stated, “I think she went peacefully. She was laying back she had her arms crossed and her foot up on the dashboard like she was peacefully asleep”. The family questions the state of New York and the city of Buffalo as to why were they not properly prepared for this storm. The state is known for its extreme winters and blizzards and this specific blizzard has claimed at least 33 lives.

You can donate to Andell Taylor’s Go Fund Me Here 



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