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Here’s what you need to know on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022


1. Hate Crime Charges in LGTBQ Mass Shooting


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO - NOVEMBER 20: a sign at the growing memo

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What You Need to Know:

Murder and hate crime charges were filed against the White 22-year-old alleged gunman, accused of entering the LGBTQ nightclub, Club Q, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Saturday night. The perpetrator, identified as Anderson Lee Aldrich, faces five murder charges and five charges of committing a hate crime (or labeled in Colorado as bias-motivated crimes), causing bodily injury. The alleged gunman is said to have entered the club shortly before midnight and opened fire before two people in the club confronted and fought him. Almost immediately, 9-1-1 calls were placed and police arrived quickly.

2. Twitter in Shambles… Trump is Back Online


Donald Trump And Elon Musk Twitter Photo Illustrations

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What You Need to Know:

Twitter is in shambles. Elon Musk on Wednesday gave employees until 5 p.m. last Thursday to decide whether to stay —and sign on to a “hardcore” culture of “long hours at high intensity” — or leave with three months severance pay.

Numerous workers decided to leave, some calling it a mass exodus. And though it’s not clear yet exactly how many, the resignations of a significant number of workers in such a short time period have many wondering whether the service will go down. The concerns are enough that #RIPTwitter was trending in recent days.

Users have reported seeing a drastic increase in spam and scams on their feeds since.




3. China’s Guangzhou Locks Down Millions in ‘Zero-COVID’ Fight


Makeshift Hospital For COVID-19 Patients Under Construction In Guangzhou

Source: VCG / Getty

What You Need to Know:

The southern Chinese metropolis of Guangzhou locked down its largest district Monday as it tries to tamp down a major COVID-19 outbreak, suspending public transit and requiring residents to present a negative test if they want to leave their homes.

The outbreak is testing China’s attempt to bring a more targeted approach to its zero-COVID policies while facing multiple outbreaks driven by fast-spreading omicron variants. China is the only major country in the world still trying to curb virus transmissions through strict lockdown measures and mass testing.

4. Black Man Executed Despite Maintaining Innocence For Over 40 Years


Magnifying glass gavel hammer on stack of document,Malaysia

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What You Need to Know:

On November 16, the state of Arizona executed a 76-year-old Black man named Murray Hooper, who has maintained his innocence for 40 years and claims he was wrongfully convicted due to “corrupt police practices” and “unreliable witness testimony.”

Hooper was one of three men convicted of a contract killing in Phoenix, Arizona, allegedly on orders from a Chicago, Illinois crime syndicate. He was sentenced to the death penalty in trials relying on eyewitness testimony in Illinois and Arizona.

5. Tax Gems For Everyone


Tax text in wooden cubes and tax or vat form documents to complete Individual income tax return form for payment to Government. Calculation tax return in 2022 to 2023.

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What You Need to Know:

The start of lowering taxes is knowing these tidbits, so you can manage your experience with the taxes you pay.

Here is what you need to know:

Not everything is taxed

Yes, that’s right! For instance, you can rent out your home for up to two weeks and pocket that income tax-free. Same with $250,000 dollars, $500,000 if you’re married, for gains on the sale of your home. And many employer benefits are left alone by the tax authorities.

Credits are better than deductions

A credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in your tax bill. While a deduction simply lowers your taxable income. A great example of this is comparing the child tax credit versus the student loan interest deduction.