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Was Drake Privy To Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’?

Beyonce has dropped her first single off of her upcoming highly anticipated seventh studio album, ‘Renaissance.’ With this new record, it is clear that Beyonce wants everyone to the dance floor!


The record leaked on twitter a few hours before it was released to first Tidal users, followed by Apple and Spotify, Vevo and Youtube.

The 28 Grammy award winning singer dropped ‘Break My Soul’ featuring the incomparable Big Freedia, this time accompanied by a sample of Robin S’s ‘Show Me Love.’

“I’mma let down my hair ’cause I lost my mind/Bey is back and I’m sleeping real good at night/The queen’s in the front and the Dom’s in the back/Ain’t taking no flicks but the whole clique snapped.”

The dance track makes you wonder if Drake, who just released a 14-track uptempo dance album Honestly, Nevermind, was privy to what Beyonce had coming up but either way, thanks to Drake and Bey we will be dancing until our knees get tired as we officially say hello to Summer 2022.

Ari Lennox Will No Longer Perform Places That Require Her To Fly

Ari Lennox is revealing to her fans that flying is detrimental to her health and she’s only taking gigs she can get to by car.

Over the weekend on her Instagram story, Lennox claimed she shared:

“For my mental health and my sanity I will not be doing any shows that require me to fly. I can not keep torturing myself with this huge fear of mine. It is literally destroying my health. Enough is enough. I’m so sorry to all that are inconvenienced by this. Don’t know what this will mean for my career, but I just can’t do it. On the plane to Minneapolis now. I’ll be there. If there’s any peers or anyone out there who knows of a great hypnotherapist, therapist and/or fear of flying solutions, I would be so grateful. I want to beat this.”


The ‘Pressure’ singers’ Shea Butter babies aren’t bothered by the announcement at all and several celebrities showed Ari support regarding her fear of flying. Ari Lennox is expected to perform in LA this Friday and Cincinnati Music Festival in July as well. No word yet on if she will still be fulfilling those previous obligations. Meanwhile, when asked about the delay on her sophomore album, she admitted to a fan that it is all her fault.


Either way Ari when you’re ready we’ll be ready because we know whatever she’s cooking up will be worth it.