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In today’s episode of Flava Of Love Child, Hip-Hop icon Flava Flav has been informed, at 63-years-old, that he is the father of an eighth child.

According to TMZ, a paternity test has proven the Public Enemy hype man and Hip Hop producer has a 3-year-old son named Jordan, whose mother is Flav’s former manager. The manager was only identified by TMZ as “Kate,” but Page Six noted that  “a LinkedIn profile for a woman named Kate Gammell shows she worked as Flav’s manager in 2017,” and that Gammell’s Instagram page features photos of the same child.

Either way, Flav reportedly asked for a paternity test because, for some time, he didn’t believe the child was his.

Listen, Flav having his little Maury moment may have been seen by some as some major celebrity scandal in another world. But not in this world where Nick Cannon exists.

Anyway, now that the “Fight the Power” legend and learned and accepted that he has a new toddler to care for, he has reportedly worked out child support and custody arrangements with Jordan’s mother, and he’s been spending child with his young one and even teaching him how to play the drums.

Jordan is seen on his mother’s Instagram page playing a pink drum set and there’s also a photo that shows him with a pink keyboard.

Seeing as Flav can play more than a dozen instruments, he might be able to teach his son and have the apple not fall far from the tree. (In terms of music. I’m sure Flav knows he has a history he’d rather not see his offspring repeat.)

Well, congratulations to Flava Flav on his new-ish bundle of joy, and congrats to Jordan for having a father who also musically fathered generations of Hip Hop fans and practitioners. This is a beautiful thing.

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