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What up y’all it’s time for my rant. Okay, listen, you know, a lot of people are gonna say, well, Russ, you know, you may be wrong about this. Wendy Williams basically said that she was coming back to her show. I thought the problem that I had with what was going down yesterday was Sherri Shepherd. Sherri Shepherd, by all accounts, is a really nice person. But for her to say, you know, when he is not well, I don’t think that’s her place to say that. I just didn’t think it was a smart move, because first of all, the true Wendy fans are going to be turned off by that statement, and you’re trying to keep that audience. And look, she was interviewing Fat Joe. Alfredas was telling me that, you know when he didn’t seem like she was 100%. And I get that. But for Sherri to come out and say something like that, I thought was a little bit cruel. And you say, well, Russ, Wendy’s cruel, I said, That’s Wendy’s act. That’s what she does for a living.

You know, and yeah, she has been cruel, and she should be able to take it, but not when you’re injured, sort of speak. I just think that was wrong. I also think it’s wrong that her production company abandoned her. They’re saying, okay, because they chose money over mental well-being. That’s exactly what they did. You’re losing us tons and tons of money. We need you to come back. She can’t. I would have waited it out until Wendy stated or a representative that was viable, said, Hey, she just can’t do this anymore. But you jumped the gun because you basically want to make that money.

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Maybe you know, something that we don’t know. But the last thing we need to do right now when somebody is not well is to pile on. That’s just not what, oh just cause she did all this stuff in the past. Yes, it wasn’t right and was some downright despicable in some people’s eyes. But at the same time, you do not attack someone that’s unable to defend themselves. So I thought that was two bad moves that could hurt you in the ratings. Still supports I still support Sherri Shepherd, she’s a sister that has been in this business. She’s a comedian. She needs a shot. I’m still going to do that. I just think that that was slightly ill-advised. But I will continue to support her and I’m gonna pray for Wendy. That’s my rant.


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