Former NFL Running Back Herschel Walker believes he is the person to bring ‘Honesty’ back to Georgia

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The Senate candidate in Georgia recently sat down with Fox News to discuss the current state of Georgia politics and why he is running for Senate.


Walker, who was endorsed by Donald Trump last week, told Fox his main platform is to bring integrity and honesty back to this country and back to the state of Georgia. Using lines directly from Trump’s playbook, Walker stressed the importance of Law & Order, pushed for more border control, and promoted school choice education for all students. Some believe Walker’s statements about honesty and integrity don’t align with his actions, as well as the actions of his spouse.

In late August election officials opened up an investigation into Julie Blanchard, the wife of Herschel Walker, for voter fraud. Officials claim she allegedly voted in Georgia in the presidential race last fall, but she did it from her home in Texas. Blanchard allegedly returned an absentee ballot to Georgia from her Texas address but owns both properties. State law requires that you be a Georgia resident to vote in any Georgia elections.

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Herschel Walker also has a past full of statements that contradict his platform’s claims of honestly and integrity. After the election in 2020, Walker appeared on Fox News numerous times spreading the false claim that Joe Biden didn’t win the election. He also tweeted about wide voter fraud and urged trump and his supports to conduct a “total cleansing,” just two days before the January 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

On the day of the attacks, Walker tweeted that people at the Capitol weren’t Trump supporters, but actually “Trojan horses” and that they did not look like “MAGA.”

Honesty and integrity are something every politician should strive for, but when your actions and your words don’t align, how are Americans supposed to find the truth? Walker will have to answer some tough questions this election season, and journalists won’t have to look far to find his many contradictions. His Twitter page is filled with conspiracies and false claims.

Walker will try to unseat incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock in 2022. Democrats won both senate seats in November 2020 and look to hold on to them through 2024.


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