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1. State Autopsy Confirmed Andrew Brown Jr. Death as Homicide

What You Need To Know:

Andrew Brown, Jr. died from a gunshot wound to the head. A North Carolina state autopsy report released Thursday confirmed the unarmed African American man died from a “penetrating gunshot wound to the head.” 

2. Black Voters Matter Voting Rights Tour Coming Soon

What You Need To Know:

*Every Friday, What You Need to Know will feature the ongoing efforts of Black Voters Matter (BVM) to inform and engage voters year-round. Check this section weekly for information on upcoming events in your city and ways you can be a part of the movement.

We’re about one week away from Juneteenth and the official launch of the Black Voters Matter Freedom Ride for Voting Rights Bus Tour.

3. Coronavirus Update: Diabetes, Heart Disease Deaths Spiked During Pandemic

What We Need To Know: 

Last year, the U.S. saw substantial increases in the death rates for heart disease, diabetes and some other common killers. Health experts believe the deaths resulted from people choosing to skip important doctor’s appointments for fear of catching Covid-19.

4. Louisiana State Police Investigated for Brutal Killing of Black Man

What You Need To Know:

A Louisiana State Police Unit is under internal investigation for the systematic targeting of abuse that resulted in the massive brutal treatment, and sometimes death, of Black motorists.

5. Planning a Vacation? Black Hotel Owner Davonne Reaves Wants You to ‘Stay Black’

What You Need To Know:

As more Americans safely return to the skies and begin their long-awaited summer vacations, hotel owner and commercial real estate investor Davonne Reaves is rolling out the red carpet for travelers looking to support Black businesses.