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1. Will Derek Chauvin Get Longer Sentence in George Floyd Murder?

What You Need To Know:

The presiding judge in last month’s trial of Derek Chauvin has ruled regarding the aggravated factors in the death of George Floyd

2. Bitter Battle Over Voting Rights Legislation Begins in Deadlock

What You Need To Know:

Tensions were high Tuesday as the Senate Rules Committee debated a comprehensive election law introduced by Democrats. The Senate panel ended the day deadlocked, with votes evenly split 9-9 on the For the People Act.

3. Coronavirus Update: New Daily Infections Fall in U.S. But Skyrocket in India

What We Need To Know: 

The number of new Covid-19 cases continues to fall in the U.S., according to data by Johns Hopkins University.

4. HBCU Athletes Shut Out of 2021 NFL Draft

What You Need To Know:

With all of the attention spent on Black men and women being murdered by policemen, we did not cover the recent NFL Draft earlier this month.

5. Apple’s $1 Billion North Carolina Headquarters Could Spur Corporate Diversity

What You Need To Know:

Apple (AAPL -1.51%) has promised to add 20,000 U.S. jobs by 2026, with at least 3,000 of those jobs being in Raleigh, North Carolina.