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Kelly Price has been opening up, as of late, about the role body shaming played in her career. In a 2020 interview with The Core 94, the beloved powerhouse singer revealed her weight was the topic of discussion among record execs who once told her she needed to lose weight before she could put out a record.

Price, who is promoting her latest album Grace,” stopped by “The Breakfast Club” where she dropped some major gems about life and Lizzo’s importance to the music industry as a whole.

“She’s super important,” she said. “I love that she loves herself and the skin she’s in because I wasn’t there when I was her age.”

During the interview she revealed she would have made other decisions in her professional and personal life if she had Lizzo’s confidence. “I wish I had that level of confidence, I would have made so many other decisions,” she explained.

Going into detail about the incident when then Jive A&R Jeff Fenster callously told her she needed to lose a significant amount of weight. “It messed with my head,” she continued. Recalling another awkward moment, she remembered recording with a group at Daddy’s House who insulted her during a recording session.

It took a long time for Kelly Price to find her confidence and she revealed she finally found enough confidence and strength to leave her 25-year-marriage.

“I had to rebuild my life,” she said. After a dream where she saw herself looking”sickly,” she made the decision to leave her husband (who she also revealed had multiple children outside of their marriage).

Kelly Price’s story is one of resilience. Despite her insecurities and the hurdles she faced, she has over 30 years in the game and a scroll-long list of classics and writing credits.


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