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1. The Heat is on Biden to Add More Diverse Picks for Top Posts

What You Need To Know:

African American leaders are scheduled to meet with President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris today as civil rights organizations are holding him to his promise of an administration that represents and reflects America.

2. Barr Sees the Writing on the Wall

What You Need To Know:

According to news reports by New York Times and CNN, Attorney General William Barr may be calling it quits just weeks before inauguration day for President-elect Joe Biden.

3. Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Estimates of Black & Brown Americans is Higher Than Previously Reported

 What You Need To Know:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revised its estimates for the death toll that the coronavirus pandemic is taking on Black and Brown communities.

4. Minnesota Attorney General Will Review Non-Fatal Police Shooting of Black Man

What You Need To Know:

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will decide if St. Paul Officer Anthony Dean should be charged in connection with the non-fatal shooting of 31-year-old Joseph Javonte Washington.

5. How Traveling While Black Landed At Professional Retreats

What You Need To Know:

The emphasis on personal endeavors, while traveling for leisure is a practice that will become the norm. “Cultural” travelers are the highest spenders, investing on average $2,078 per trip compared to the average African American who spends around $1,345.

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