Muhammad Ali Jr. is quoted as saying that his dad would not agree with the Black Lives Matter movement, would consider the protesters of the George Floyd murder to be devils, and that his father would have supported Donald Trump. Once people have passed away, it’s normal to try to imagine how they would react to current events.  I’ve spent many hours talking and listening to  Muhammad Ali as a fan,  as an employee, and a friend and he never went along with popular opinion to gain popularity or tried to follow the status quo to elevate his position in life.  Instead, he earned respect, even from the people who disliked him, because he was never afraid to say exactly what was on his mind, or afraid to stand by his beliefs.  His conscientious objection to fighting in the Viet Nam War cost him dearly but he went on to become a champion inside the ring as a boxer and outside the ring as an outspoken supporter of Civil Rights.  The last thing the Champ would have wanted is for anyone, including Ali Jr.,  to put words in his mouth, because he had enough of them of his own. Yeah, he talked a lot but there was a lot of action behind that talk. So, I would rather allow his achievements to paint a picture of how he would feel about the brutal killings of unarmed black men and women at the hands of the police, and whether he would support a president who backs the perpetrators of that kind of violence.  Rather than taking easy jabs at Ali Jr., I’d rather consider the fact that the only way the younger Ali could get any media attention these days was to say something controversial about his father. And that is a shame.

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