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1. What’s In House Democrats Latest Stimulus Plan? Republicans Are Not Having It

What You Need To Know:

Proclaiming that “Americans are worth it,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi unveiled the Democrats $3 trillion plan to provide additional relief in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

2. CNN Poll Puts Biden Ahead Of Trump — But Not By Much

What You Need To Know:

The latest poll on the presumed presidential race gives a slight edge to Joe Biden over Donald Trump.

3. Coronavirus Update: Alleged Racist Social Distancing Tactics To Be Investigated By New York Attorney General

What You Need To Know: 

New York State Attorney General Letitia James is calling on the NYPD to “better address the department’s apparent unequal enforcement of social distancing rules,” in the city.

4. Lawsuit Filed In Police Shooting Death Of Black EMT Breonna Taylor

What You Need To Know:

Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville, KY police during a drug bust.

5. Prince and the Revolution 3-Day Streaming Concert Begins Tonight

What You Need To Know:

Get ready to party with Prince and the Revolution like it’s 1999 all over again, for the next three days, anyway.

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