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For months we’ve been writing about the documentary that would expose the allegations of sexual assault against Russell Simmons. The documentary On The Record has sparked quite a bit of controversy and discussion…for several reasons.

First, there were many who were disappointed in the fact that Oprah Winfrey was attached to the project in the first place. Then, when Oprah dropped out of the documentary, for creative differences, the women who participated felt betrayed by her abandonment.


But the project went forth. It debuted at Sundance and now it is coming to our homes, via HBO Max.

According to Shadow and Actthe film “On The Record” will be available to watch on May 27.

The official description for the documentary reads as follows: “On The Record presents the powerful and haunting story of music executive Drew Dixon as she grapples with her decision to become one of the first women of color, in the wake of #MeToo, to come forward and publicly name hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons of sexual assault. The documentary chronicles not only Dixon’s story but that of several other accusers – Sil Lai Abrams and Sheri Sher.”

It was reported earlier, there is another woman, aside from Abrams, Sher, and Dixon. Alexia Norton Jones dated Simmons in the early nineties. She said she liked him and would have kissed him.

During an interview with CBS, she said, “This was a very swift attack. And what was going through my mind, more than anything, was why. Because I liked Russell. I would have just kissed him. I would have made out with him. He didn’t have to attack me. He raped me right up against a f*cking wall. Excuse my language. But that’s what he did and I had to keep it a secret.”

Simmons has vehemently denied the allegations saying that he’s passed lie detector tests and has admitted to being an unconscious playboy and womanizer in the past. He claims that he has never been violent or forced himself on anyone.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary in the video below.

On The Record will be available on May 27 on HBO Max.

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