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Tanya Sam has been a friend to Bravo’s “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” and makes frequent appearances throughout the season.  Though she doesn’t have a peach, she is a cast favorite amongst fans. During an Instagram Live, the Canada native was asked if she would want to be on the show full-time and her answer might not be what you expected.



Sam revealed that she has no interested in getting a peach.

“I kind of love being the friend to the show it’s really the best of both worlds,” she said. “I have autonomy, no one can tell me like when you have to show up for what, I can still travel so I kind of like it. I think that doesn’t designate with a lot of people.”

Sam added that even though she’s a part-time cast member, she has just as much fun as everyone else.

I get to host trips. I get travel and when I have to work I can go ‘sorry guys I can’t show up for eight hours of taping today because I have to work’.”

For those who don’t know,  Sam is an entrepreneur in the tech industry and is the Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs and Co-lead of Ascend Atlanta. She told us back in January that she prioritizes balancing every aspect of her life and taking the time to wind down when she needs to, which she couldn’t do as a full blown cast member of “RHOA.”

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“We just have to give ourselves the grace to just take down time when we need it, to recognize when our spirit is low, when we’re juggling too much and allow those leaves to drop because you can’t really hold them up all the time and I think it’s purely allowing yourself the grace to, ‘Ok, I can’t do it all today, but tomorrow is another day’.”

PHOTO: Tanya Sam IG