In these uncertain times, celebrities have been doing their part to keep people’s spirits lifted while so many of us are stuck in the house. Debbie Allen hosted a free dance class. Chris Martin of Coldplay gave a concert from his home. He extended an invitation for John Legend to do the same. He took him up on the offer and even debuted an upcoming single.


It’s a lovely gesture and certainly much appreciated for the people who’ve been watching dust fall in their apartment as a form of entertainment.

It seems that singer Erykah Badu will also be offering up her musical talents. Yesterday, in an extended Instagram video, Badu shared that since all of her scheduled shows have been canceled indefinitely, she will be performing live from her bedroom. This concert will be live and viewers will get to request the songs they want to hear her sing.

“Peace and Love. The show must go on. Introducing, the quarantine concert series, live from my bedroom. We’ll be performing right here live, this weekend. Livestream. One dollar to get in. We got to keep movin’ y’all. We got to keep this thing going. We are a community of artists whose survival depends on performing, creating, laughing, living and loving and we still alive. Stay tuned. We’ll let you know the rest of the details very, very soon. Peace and love.”

You may have noticed that unlike the other artists, her concert is not free. It costs a dollar to view the show. And apparently people felt a way about that. They argued that during these times, Erykah shouldn’t be seeking to profit off of people who are all “suffering” in varying degrees. People questioned whether or not the money would be donated, given there are hundreds, if not thousands of charities that could use it right now.

People took issue with the rich getting richer during a pandemic instead of volunteering the artistic creativity in order to inspire folks.

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Honestly, I can see both sides of this story. Erykah has to eat and take care of her children just like regular folk. And with her gigs being postponed or cancelled, that might make things increasingly difficult. Plus, a dollar really is not that much.

I can also see that if the intention is to be of service perhaps money that will go straight into her pocket instead of being donated might not be the best move.





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