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Every few years or so, there’s a health epidemic that frightens the hell out of us. First it was zika virus and the Ebola virus, then the swine flu, and now, the coronavirus. Entire nations have opted to shut down due to the disease, clinically named COVID-19.



Obviously, the coronavirus is much more serious than the flu. But according to the Center For Disease Control, both illnesses have very similar symptoms.

WIS News:

While the globe focuses in on the new coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, there are still concerns over the flu and even allergies as spring approaches. This season alone, the CDC reports at least 20,000 deaths have been attributed to influenza. Meanwhile, more coronavirus cases are being reported across the country.

Whether it’s the flu, a virus or allergies, the best steps to not being sick is prevention. But everyone doesn’t have the tools or insurance to make sure they’re at their best. These ten tips will help you survive flu/allergy/virus season on your own.

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